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There are three key parts of what we do though, although these will look entirely different from week to week and day to day.
Open Sessions are informal drop-ins where young people come to build relationships, have a safe place to be, develop new skills and explore new ways of thinking. These happen on Tuesdays & Wednesdays 7-9pm and Saturdays 2-5pm.
Youth Team is a supported volunteering programme where young people take on extra responsibility, develop skills and confidence, and pick up a Duke of Edinburgh Award as a result. Being part of this is now a great aspiration of many young people.

Individual Support is when a team member and a young person meet one to one to explore issues, interests and ambitions that matter. These happen outwith open sessions, and by arrangement.

Other things that happen from week to week include:
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Education, Employment and Training Support:
For young folk who are needing support for school, college or finding work, there's a bunch of ways Hot Chocolate can help such as writing CVs, filling out application forms, doing mock interviews, and finding work experience placements.
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Exodus is our three week summer programme in which a theme is explored through numerous creative ways, including art, discussion, songwriting film making, trips and cooking meals together. Recent themes have included Hope, Kidulthood and War & Peace.

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happen regularly around Hot Chocolate, normally based around issues, interests, or needs.
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Cooking: Hospitality is such a key part of Hot Chocolate, so its just as well so many young people love cooking. There will regularly be soups, stovies, pancakes, cupcakes and many other tasty treats whipped up in the kitchen during open sessions.
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involving a whole variety of locations and activities, these happen not just because they're fun, but to challenge our comfort zones and learn more about ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.
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Creativity is important to the young people here, who are part of a very visually rich culture. Week to week this could look like anything from spraycan art to screenprinting or photography to film making. Young people often identify art as a means through which to grapple with their emotions and express their identity, leading to an improved sense of wellbeing.

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is a key part of Hot Chocolate's culture, and styles range from thrash metal to chilled acoustic to dubstep. Young people use both in-house equipment and external specialist workers to develop their musical skills and experiences.
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are always a highlight of the Hot Chocolate calendar. From our annual big weekend away to Loch Tay, to small group weekends based around specific interests ranging between outdoor adventure to songwriting, recording and performing.
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Spirituality: Hot Chocolate is a Christian-based organisation, and offers opportunities for young people to explore their spirituality and God if they'd like to.
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is one of the best ways to get really deep into issues and for the young folks to affect real change within Hot Chocolate, Dundee, Scotland, and the world. This happens as often as possible, and sometimes is around the current issues that affect the young people, and sometimes focuses on much broader worldviews and philosophies.


Much of the above happens through partnerships with some great organisations from across Dundee and Scotland!

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