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For decades, the grass outside The Steeple Church has been the meeting place for young people who often feel they don’t quite belong in their own local communities or schools.

Back in 2001, The Steeple Church was noticing that two communities – theirs inside and the young folks outside – were living side by side and never interacting. So a wee group left the shelter of their walls to get to try know the young folks. This group didn’t have any agendas other than to build a bit of relationship. But since it was November and cold, what they did have was Hot Chocolate, which was what the young people started calling these interactions…
Over the course of the following weeks, relationships started growing, trust started building, and dreams started emerging, until the question was asked: ‘If you had a wee bit of space within the building, what would you want to use it for?’

And so the growing community began moving indoors and gradually expanded into the well-established independent organisation it is now.

Since the outset, it has been the young people who have made the decisions about how, when and what happens. These roots remain totally foundational to who we are and the way we operate today…
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